Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nifty Vocab for Unit 11

Structure: any type of construction. -a bridge
                                                     -a wall
                                                     -a building
                                                     -a tower

Ship battles: fights between ships.

Constructed: built.

Royal family: a family of kings and queens.

Completed: finished.

The French Revolution: a period when the ordinary people of France threw the royal family out of power.

Radium: a chemical element that is used to treat diseases, including cancer.

HDTV: a special television system that shows sharp, clear images.

Eye-opening: surprising; interesting.

Highlight: attract attention to; emphasize.

Utensils: devices or tools with a particular use.

Souvenir: something you buy or keep to remember a place you visited.

Exhibit: an object on show in a museum or art gallery.

Sparkle: shine brightly; for example, a diamond sparkles in the light.

Item: an object.

Copper: a soft, red-brown metal.

Sample: take or try a small amount of something.

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