Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Conditional sentences

In order to form a conditional sentence with an "if" clause, you must have a possible situation and a consequence.

Begin with the possible situation + simple present 
1. If you get a high-paying job,
2. If you study hard for the exam,
3. If you practice,

Finish with the consequence + future (will/may/might)
1. you won't have to worry about money.
2, you will get a good grade.
3. you will become a great salsa dancer.

Complete the sentences for practice:
1. If I never went to class, _____________________________________.
2.  _____________________________________, I will need to find a new job.
3.  _____________________________________, you will be healthier.
4. If I practice the guitar,  _____________________________________.
5. If I finish my chores,  _____________________________________.

Write one conditional sentence beginning with "If."
If I go to the movies tonight, I won't have money to out to dinner with my friends.
Then take the "consequence" and turn it into the "possible situation" completing the sentence.
If I don't have money to go out to dinner with my friends, I will eat dinner at home.
Repeat the exercise.
If I eat dinner at home, I will have dinner with my parents.
If I have dinner with my parents, I can talk to them about school and my friends.
If I talk to my parents about school and my friends, they can give me advice.
If my parents give me advice,...

What questions do you still have?

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