Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nifty Vocab for Unit 10

Journalist: someone who writes for newspapers or magazines.

Stockbroker: someone who buys and sells stock, or part of the ownership of a company.

Rush: do something very quickly.

Classified ads: section of the newspaper containing advertisements for different products or services, including job listings.

Psychologist: someone trained in psychology, or the study of the mind.

Certain: some; specific; not all.

Curious: interested in learning about new things.

Enterprising: good at thinking of and doing new things. 

Outgoing: friendly and willing to meet new people.

Imaginative: with new and interesting ideas. 

Persuade: make another person decide to do something by giving good reasons.

Keep track of: pay attention to something so you know what's happening.

Counselor: someone who gives advice to people with problems.

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