Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reported speech: statements

Direct speech refers to what people say. Reported speech is when someone explains what someone previously said.

Direct speech -------> Reported speech
       made----------------->had made (had + past participle)
have planned------------->had planned

"I am sick."------------->She said she was sick.
"I go to school."------------>He said he went to school.
"I have a date tomorrow."------------->He said he had a date.
"We have work on Monday."---------------->They said they had work on Monday.
"We made plans for that day."---------------->They said they had made plans for that day.
"We have planned a party."---------------->They said they had planned a party.
"I can go to the movies."---------------->She told me she could go to the movies.
"I will be out of town."----------------->He told her that he would be out of town.
"We may go to Argentina."------------------>They told us they might go to Argentina.


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