Sunday, October 2, 2011

Past modals

When someone asks for a suggestion or opinion about something that already occurred in past, one uses the structure:

would have (would not have)
should have (should not have)

My best friend wants to go out with her friends at night, but her parents keep telling her it is unsafe. Therefore, one day, she decided to come home past her curfew (later than her parents allow her to return home normally). Her parents were still up waiting for her to return home and told her she was grounded as soon as she arrived. They started arguing and she said some pretty mean things to her parents like, "I wish you weren't my parents." They haven't spoken for two days. What should she have done?

Advice: She shouldn't have broken the rules. Even if she doesn't like the situation, her parents have the right to decide when she comes home. Additionally, she should have apologized when she came home instead of arguing with them. I would have explained to my parents why I should be allowed to stay out later and maybe come to a compromise. 


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